You may have heard of regenerative medicine, but do you know what it can really do? Regenerative medicine is an exciting field that features a range of treatment modalities designed to work in partnership with your body’s own healing capabilities.

Some examples of this are platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and stem cell therapy. These treatments promote healing and address all kinds of conditions: common ones like migraines and serious illnesses like leukemia.

Regenerative medicine has also proved to be a game-changer in treating musculoskeletal pain, whether due to a sports injury or a chronic disease like osteoarthritis.

Dr. Pamela Kimbrough considers progressive treatments like this carefully, and adopts them when she feels she’s thoroughly vetted them. A regenerative treatment that she feels confident about adding to the service menu for Life’s Cycle Women’s Care patients affected by pain is called Phoenix™ Thera-Lase.

How can Phoenix Thera-Lase relieve my pain?

The technology that makes Phoenix Thera-Lase effective is, as its name implies, laser technology. During your session, Dr. Kimbrough applies a highly targeted laser to your treatment site that releases intensive light and initiates a process called biostimulation.

The single-wavelength light from the Phoenix Thera-Lase treatment fuels increased blood and oxygen flow deep in your tissues, at a cellular level. The tiny mitochondria within your cells, often referred to as “powerhouses of the cell,” readily soak up the Phoenix Thera-Lase light energy. Your cells are then able to store more energy and initiate the bone and tissue regeneration that make healing possible.

Phoenix Thera-Lase treatments markedly reduce pain and inflammation caused by acute injury and chronic conditions. The treatment’s stimulative quality causes your body to heal itself more rapidly than it would otherwise, without treatment.

The many benefits of Phoenix Thera-Lase treatment

Dr. Kimbrough and the Life’s Cycle team were “blown away” by the results of Phoenix Thera-Lase therapy when they started treating patients with it, but there are myriad other advantages it offers you:

  • Safe and noninvasive
  • Brief, painless treatments
  • Stimulates healthy body responses, including increased blood flow, oxygen flow, and nerve invigoration
  • Encourages better tissue and skin healingrocess, which leads to less scarring
  • Promotes the production of collagen, the vital protein that builds connective tissue
  • No post-treatment downtime

Phoenix Thera-Lase successfully treats diverse conditions from wounds, arthritis, and back pain to jaw pain (TMJ), dizziness, and the constant ringing in your ear caused by tinnitus.

The Phoenix Thera-Lase system is truly a powerhouse regenerative therapy, because it accelerates healing in your blood, bone, cartilage, nerves, and muscles — all critical figures in keeping you free from pain and enhancing both your mobility and quality of life.

What happens during a Phoenix Thera-Lase treatment session?

Our patients often mention that they’re surprised by how comfortable and quick Phoenix Thera-Lase treatments are. Before you receive any treatment, Dr. Kimbrough discusses your medical history, discomfort, and your goals for recovery with you in detail.

Prior to treatment, you make yourself comfortable and lie on a cushioned exam table. When Dr. Kimbrough starts your treatment, she points the laser directly at the location where you’re feeling pain. The system is highly advanced, and allows Dr. Kimbrough to customize your  treatment by fine-tuning the laser’s wavelength as needed.

Rest assured that Phoenix Thera-Lase therapy sessions cause no pain or discomfort, and once you leave our office, you notice increased ease of movement and reduced pain nearly instantly.

Phoenix Thera-Lase has been embraced by sports pros, too. Retired Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Randy White receives treatments now. He says he wishes they’d been available during his career, when he suffered pain from many injuries.

Although a football player probably deals with different issues than you, all pain is equally frustrating. Testimonials like these should make you feel even better about giving Phoenix Thera-Lase a try.

If you’re tired of trying to transcend chronic pain or if you’ve suffered an injury, make an appointment with us to see if Phoenix Thera-Lase is right for you. Call our Ardmore or Norman office, or schedule a consultation through our website.


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