Hot flashes are a nearly universal symptom that menopausal women experience, and they’re usually incredibly annoying. They come on like a storm: sudden, intense, and climate-changing!

The most inferno-like type of hot flash is one that occurs in summer because the heat’s turned up on both levels, inside your body and in the surrounding environment.

Dr. Pamela Kimbrough treats women who suffer from a range of menopausal symptoms with expertise, an impressive arsenal of treatments (some that she recommends you incorporate into your self-care routine), and genuine concern.

The team at Life’s Cycle Women’s Care, with offices in Ardmore and Norman, Oklahoma, is truly devoted to your health and the quality of life it brings you, no matter what stage you’re navigating.

Advice for the sweaty summer hot flash sufferer

By trying some easy-to-follow tips and availing yourself of the cutting-edge treatments Dr. Kimbrough offers, you’ll see your summer flashes become a thing of the past. Then you can concentrate on summer fun without the ups and downs of menopausal symptoms.

Envelope yourself in cool comfort

As in cold weather, layers can help you in the summertime with hot flash discomfort. Because a hot flash can come on so suddenly, if you’re prepared with a tank top under a tee, you can lose a layer to add comfort. Throw a light jacket in your bag too, so you’re ready if you get a chill, which often follows a hot flash.

Your fabric choices can help keep you comfortable as well. It’s best to wear natural fibers, like cotton, and avoid synthetics, which aren’t breathable.

Turn down the temperature of foods and drinks

You likely try to stay well-hydrated in summer, but it benefits you even more if you suffer with hot flashes. To lower your flash frequency, opt for cooling food and beverages and stay away from spicy, hot things. Refresh yourself with watermelon or iced tea rather than coffee or alcoholic beverages, and water infused with delicious things like rosemary and cucumber.

Taming the many moods of menopause

Menopause’s melange of symptoms means that along with the hot flashes in summer (and all year round, for that matter), you may also experience energy-related and emotional side effects, like fatigue, irritability, and anxiety. These feelings and flashes can even feed off each other.

Evaluate what’s soothing to you and start doing it to lessen your hot flashes and their severity. This might be connecting with a friend on a walk, playing with your dog, taking a yoga class, meditating, or knitting — whatever floats your boat!

Sweet (and cool) dreams

Like what you wear, what you surround yourself with while you’re sleeping can help stave off hot flashes on those sticky summer nights. First, if you have air conditioning, use it to establish a comfortable sleeping temperature. A conventional fan or ceiling fan can help as well.

Sleep in natural fabrics and use 100% cotton sheets. Some bedding is designed to wick moisture away from you, which is also a good proactive, flash-fighting step you can take.

Enlist the help of your freezer

Purchase a reasonably priced “hot flash pillow,” which you can wrap around your neck after it sits in the freezer for a bit. The result is a refreshing sensation that extends over your body. It’ll make you forget you ever had a hot flash!

Don’t go it alone

A visit to Life’s Cycle Women’s Care opens a new avenue of treatment for your summer hot flashes. Dr. Kimbrough talks to you about the value of bioidentical hormone treatment, which gives you back what nature took away during menopause — estrogen and testosterone — so hot flashes become distant memories.

By “righting” your hormones, which control and balance so much in your body, you can return to feeling more balanced and stressing less about all your menopausal symptoms — especially those pesky hot flashes.

Bioidentical hormones are plant-based, but mimic the hormones your body produces exactly. We offer an innovative way of delivering this therapy too: via tiny SottoPelleⓇ pellets that contain a hormone mixture designed for your unique needs.

Once inserted into your hip or upper buttox area using a noninvasive procedure, the bioidentical hormones are released into your system slowly over a period of months.

Combining hot flash mitigation strategies with a highly effective treatment brings noticeable, prompt, and lasting relief, and you can direct your thoughts to where they should be during the summer: planning your next visit to the pool!

Learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bring comfort — and freedom from unpredictable hot flashes — back to your summers. Call one of our offices to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kimbrough, or request an appointment online.


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