Did you know that your body has an incredibly sophisticated chemical messaging system that regulates it and keeps countless essential functions on track, from your sleep patterns and fertility to your mood and metabolism? Your endocrine system includes your hormones, the special chemical messengers that your body produces, along with the group of organs that are responsible for manufacturing them.

Since your hormones control so many of your body’s processes, you feel it if they become imbalanced or you go through a significant life change that’s accompanied by hormonal shifts, like menopause.

Dr. Pamela Kimbrough and the caring team at Life’s Cycle have lots of experience addressing hormonal imbalance, as well as a host of other conditions. We know that hormonal problems affect patients in myriad ways, and we’re here to help. We listen and learn about your unique symptoms, and are intent on devising a treatment plan suited to you.

Your hormones are key to your wellness

As we said, once your hormones get out of whack, problems can emerge that affect so many parts of your life. Hormones control:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Libido, sexual arousal, and performance
  • Growth
  • Ability to conceive if you’re a woman
  • Ability to focus
  • Your anxiety and stress levels
  • How efficiently your body burns calories
  • Blood sugar
  • Energy

Some of the glands that produce your hormones include your hypothalamus, thyroid, and pituitary gland.

When you understand how much your hormones do, it’s easy to see why when something goes awry with them, it can really impact how you feel, and even your appearance.

How hormone imbalances affect you

Some of the hormones most people have heard about are estrogen, testosterone, insulin, and adrenaline, but these are just a few.

A hormone deficiency or surplus causes diverse problems, including unexplained weight gain or loss, fatigue, changes in bowel habits, increased sensitivity to heat or cold, hot flashes, hair and skin changes, irritability, and even blurred vision.

There are times, such as puberty, when your hormones are “all over the place” and we know to expect changes, but as adults, men and women experience hormone-related symptoms that can wreak havoc on everything from your ability to enjoy high-quality rest to your sex life.

If you’re female, hormonal changes might prevent you from getting pregnant, cause night sweats, vaginal dryness, joint pain, and acne breakouts. If you’re male, you may struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of muscle mass, or be diagnosed with osteoporosis.

So, the causes of hormone imbalance range from developmental events and transitions such as pregnancy and menopause to simply getting older. We shouldn’t underestimate the power an illness or the effects of stress can have on our hormonal functioning, either.

An important solution for bringing your hormones back into balance

Gone are the days when little to nothing could be done about whatever changes your endocrine system threw your way. You don’t have to live with the many discomforts and negative effects that hormonal changes spur anymore.

Dr. Kimbrough offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to patients suffering with hormonal imbalances, and once these problems are corrected, you feel like yourself again.

We’ve adopted the SottoPelleⓇ bioidentical hormone replacement therapy platform for several reasons. Bioidentical hormones are plant-derived and, as their name implies, identical to the hormones that your body produces, making them safe as well as more efficiently utilized by your body.

SottoPelle treatment comes in the form of pellets, which contain hormone mixtures that are customized to you and your needs.

When you visit our office, Dr. Kimbrough simply administers the pellets by placing them under your skin during a quick and painless in-office procedure. They work in a time-release fashion and last up to six months, so say goodbye to the hassle of hormone creams, patches, and other inconvenient delivery systems.

When your body needs a hormonal boost, the bioidentical hormones — estrogen and testosterone if you’re a woman and testosterone if you’re a man — are released into your system steadily, restoring balance and comfort.

Don’t suffer with the many problems of hormonal imbalance any longer. Call our Ardmore or Norman, Oklahoma, office today and schedule an appointment to learn more about BHRT, or book one through our website.


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