Mother Nature sometimes has a warped sense of humor when it comes to women’s health — most notably, the passage through menopause. This transition signals the end of your reproductive stage, which means you’re no longer dealing with monthly periods or the possibility of pregnancy.

But rather than enjoying this newfound freedom, more than half of women are left with vaginal dryness, loss of vaginal tightness, painful sex, and incontinence issues. More alarming still, about one-quarter of post-menopausal women experience incontinence during intercourse.

At Life’s Cycle, under the expert direction of Dr. Pamela Kimbrough, our team specializes in helping women successfully navigate each stage of their reproductive lives. And for our patients who are struggling with the side effects of menopause, especially vaginal health issues, we offer the latest products to help you maintain a great quality of life — namely the innovative Viveve® laser system.

Here’s a look at how this hormone-free solution can put an end to vaginal health problems and embarrassing bladder leakage.

Why now?

Yes, going through menopause has its advantages, but it also has some serious disadvantages. Menopause occurs when your ovaries shut down, which means you don’t release any more eggs. But your ovaries are also responsible for producing estrogen, which not only governs your ovulation, but also aids in tissue health.

With the sudden drop in estrogen, your vaginal tissue can thin and become dry, which often leads to problems with painful sex. In fact, all of your tissues may lose elasticity and strength, which is why you may experience a leaky bladder, especially when you laugh or sneeze. This is because the pelvic tissues that support your bladder become weaker and the lining of your urethra can thin, all of which means you have less control over your bladder.

A hormone-free solution

Traditionally, women who experience leaky bladders or poor vaginal health after menopause have turned to hormone replacement therapy. While effective, hormones aren’t for everyone and it’s a solution that you need to stay on top of, whether you’re taking pills, applying suppositories, or using implants.

Today, there’s an exciting radiofrequency technology that can improve the health of your tissues, and we’re proud to offer it at our practice. Called Viveve, this system allows us to send radiofrequency energy directly into your tissue. This energy heats your tissue to the correct therapeutic level to spur a collagen response.

Collagen is the primary protein responsible for the structural support in your tissue, but with the loss of your hormones, your collagen production begins to wane. With Viveve, we provide a wake-up call in your tissue that leads to the synthesis of new collagen, providing you with healthier vaginal tissue that can better support your bladder and an active sex life.

The Viveve process

Not only is Viveve hormone-free, it takes us only 30-40 minutes to deliver the treatment. During your Viveve session with us, we insert a probe into your vagina, where it delivers the radiofrequency energy into your tissue. The device is equipped with a cooling feature so you’re perfectly comfortable throughout.

After your Viveve treatment, all you need to do is wait while your tissue strengthens itself from the inside out.

If you want to wave goodbye to a leaky bladder and say hello to improved vaginal health with Viveve, please contact our office in Ardmore, Oklahoma, by calling or using our online appointment tool.


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