SottoPelle® Hormone Therapy

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SottoPelle all-natural hormone therapy for men and women promotes continuous physiological levels of estrogen and testosterone. The dosage prescribed for each patient is based on the outcome of the laboratory testing. This therapy has been in use for over 20 years.

What Is SottoPelle? Dr. Kimbrough uses the tiny (as small as a grain of rice) SottoPelle hormone pellets to restore hormone levels for men and women. SottoPelle delivers a constant time-released measure of hormone that eliminates the up & down that men and women feel as life changes occur. Men can use testosterone pellets to improve muscle tone, sexual well-being and energy. Women can use both estrogen and testosterone to improve muscle tone, emotional health, sexual well-being, energy, mental sharpness, and much more. Women will generally also use a Progesterone pill once daily for complete hormone balance. Call 580-221-7500 to setup your FREE consultation


Why is SottoPelle a superior hormone approach? Watch the video:


What Are The Benefits of SottoPelle Hormone Therapy For Men & Women?

  • Improvement in energy levels
  • Increase in libido – normalization of testosterone levels
  • Weight improvement – decrease in fat mass, increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increase in muscle strength and physical performance
  • Improved cognition – estrogen is used that passes the blood-brain barrier improving thinking, concentration, and prevents dementia
  • Relief from hot flashes
  • No increased risk of breast cancer – 20 years of data support
  • Cardio protective – improvement in lipid panels, causes dilation of the blood vessels that feed the heart and no increased risk of blood clots
  • Improvement in bone density – a four-fold increase in bone density over oral estrogen
  • New treament strategy for Parkinsons disease
  • Optimal pellet dosages for both men and women based on approved calculations.